Workplace Injury Management Training

Delivered by a Paralegal

Our experienced team of paralegals are here to help you. Our course content meets the highest standard of accuracy. We pride ourselves on delivering content to you that is thorough, thoughtful and relevant. Workplace Injury Management Training is fueled by the experts at Corporate Workplace Injury Management, a WSIB consulting firm registered with the Law Society of Ontario.

For groups of 6 or more we will happily hold the training at your place of business or at the location of your choosing. For groups with less than 6 participants, please call our office for pricing. We build in-person classes as needed. Did you know we offer customized training based on your needs? Let us build the session around what challenges you most. If you have further questions please Contact Us.

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WSIB – All Inclusive Training in Five Sessions

Gain an understanding of the overall WSIB process. Our customized WSIB training will allow attendees to manage injuries to full
while remaining in compliance with WSIB and minimize costs. The following is a list of training topics and course outlines. 
Our training is offered through Teams. Please click on the course you are interested in to see the dates and times it is offered. 

  • Employer obligations and regulations, employer’s immediate responsibilities when an incident/injury occurs.
  • Types of WSIB benefits.
  • When to report, why and how; Consequences of claim suppression and how to avoid; Introduction to RTW principles and obligations.

Available Dates:
September 17, 2024, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Note: WSIB Foundations is a recommended prerequisite but not required to attend the remaining courses and sessions.

  • RTW principles and obligations; Recommended method, i.e., how, and when to offer modified duties; when to consider a subsequent offer of modified duties, when this should be done and why.
  • Cost reduction strategies within graduated RTW plans.
  • Roles and responsibilities in managing RTW challenges; scenarios and strategies to overcome RTW barriers.
  • Duty to accommodate and how this impacts WSIB cases.

Available Dates:
September 19, 2024, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

  • Injury management worksheet, case review benchmarks and tools.
  • Normal recovery times and strategies to implement when normal recovery times are surpassed.
  • Forms 6, 7, 8, FAF, WSIB resources, when and how to utilize.
  • How a case changes once maximum medical recovery is attained and strategies to reduce costs.
  • Scenarios provided.

Available Dates:
September 23, 2024, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

  • Re-employment:

    Understanding the obligation, legislation, and policy. Review presumption, threshold, and associated penalties. Review of co-operation obligation. Example scenarios.

  • Mental Stress:

    Traumatic mental stress vs chronic mental stress. How TMS differs from CMS, examples of both. When is CMS allowed and what types of CMS does not meet the WSIB criteria (substantial stressor vs interpersonal conflicts vs high stress job vs employer decisions and actions).

  • Transfer of Cost:

    Review of policy, threshold to consider a transfer of cost, transfer opportunities and challenges between two schedule one employers. Appeal process of Transfer of Cost cases. Removal of costs if member of public at fault.

Available Dates:
September 25, 2024, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

  • WSIB Appeals:

    Appeal levels, appeal documents, appeal timelines and consequences of missed timelines. Process for employer-initiated appeals vs worker-initiated appeals and key forms.

  • SIEF:

    When to request cost relief, strategy, and timing. Components of the cost relief request, i.e., evaluating severity of the accident and the degree of pre-existing condition, what percentage to request, sample scenario and submission provided.  

Available Dates:
September 27, 2024, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Method: Remote training (Microsoft Teams). Five, 2.5 – 3 hour training sessions.

Pricing: $350.00 per course ($390.00 for WSIB Foundations) or $1790.00 for all 5 courses.

Registration Deadline: 2:00pm the day prior to the selected course date.

Note: WSIB Foundations is a recommended prerequisite but not required to attend the remaining courses and sessions.

Supervisor Training:

Workplace injuries can often be challenging to navigate. This course will introduce Supervisors to accident reporting, thorough incident investigation, and early and safe return to work to mitigate costs associated with WSIB claims.

The training session will provide the following:

    • WSIB legislation
    • Effective Return to Work Tools
    • Responsibilities of workplace parties in return-to-work efforts

Method: Remote training (Microsoft Teams). One, 1.5 hour training session.

Pricing: 4 participant minimum $600.00; additional individuals $135.00 each.

Comprehensive WSIB Training:

Training Exclusively for your team!
Prepare your Human Resources team, Health and Safety Professionals and Supervisors with the tools to manage workplace injuries. From
Accident Investigation to Return to Work; from WSIB Reporting to mitigating Lost Time injuries, this course has everything your team needs.

Workplace injuries happen unexpectedly and your team needs to be ready to handle them. Empower your Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Operations Management teams to understand the steps to take when an employee is injured. Knowing when and how to file a WSIB claim followed by an effective and timely modified work offer means faster back-to-work programs and fewer WSIB costs.

The training sessions will provide the following:

    • Accident investigation, WSIB Reporting
    • Return to Work Best Practices
    • Methods for minimizing claim costs
    • Tools for effective claims management for complex or prolonged recovery claims

Method: Remote training (Microsoft Teams). Two, 3.5 hour training sessions.

Pricing: 3 participant minimum – $1100 per person.

All Training Participants receive:

  • Course Certificate
  • Resource materials


Sheila is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. She presented the key points we requested without wasting time on material we did not require. Both our Human Resources and Health and Safety teams attended five two-hour sessions and found it very informative.

– Angela T, Lake Shore Gold, a subsidiary of Pan American Silver

After completing the WSIB Training Series with Sheila and the Workplace Injury Management Team I feel much more confident in our ability to support our employees and manage our Return to Work Program effectively and confidently. The training series started with the basics and then progressed to cover a solid range of more unique circumstances, and many of real world examples were included. I would absolutely recommend this training series to others as a place to start in the development of their Return to Work strategy or as a solid refresher. I am hopeful Sheila’s Team will offer more content and updates in the future.

– Blair M, MCI Design-Build Corporation


WSIB is complex because every workplace injury is unique. If you have a specific question we don’t cover in our course content please contact us. Our experienced team is here to help you.

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