What are the best ‘Return-To-Work’ practices?

As you know the WSIB takes reintegration into the workplace after an accident very seriously. Before an employee can be allowed back to work, they must be 100% ready to reintegrate without the risk of reinjuring themselves or others.
Here are four principles that will help to ensure your employee’s safety upon their return and is an important factor in work injury prevention and reintegration.

What are your WSIB obligations?

What are your WSIB Obligations

Did you know that WSIB rules and regulations are proactively enforced and your business is legally obligated to follow them? In fact, there are many WSIB related responsibilities that your company must abide by, in order to avoid penalties for non-compliance. As you know, an accident can occur at any time, even in the safest work environments. No two WSIB situations are the same, so it’s important to reduce the knowledge gap that may exist within your HR department. Which can easily be achieved by undergoing the proper training. REPORTING …

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