How can you use FAF to manage claims and reduce costs?

By now, we all know that being WSIB compliant is the best course of action to avoid unnecessary fees and fines. There are resources available to help you be the most compliant, and we can help you with that. But first, we should uncover what FAF is and how you use it.

FAF – stands for ‘FUNCTIONAL ABILITIES FORM’ and is an optional form designed to help workers and employers meet their return-to-work obligations.

What does the form do?

The FAF can be used as a tool to facilitate return-to-work discussions between the employer and the injured/ill worker and is a great tool to assess the current needs of your employee. Basically, it’s a communication tool for workplace parties. It is completed by the treating health professional and provides the employer and the injured/ill worker with a common frame of reference about the worker’s functional abilities to identify jobs that are suitable for the worker.

Who requests it?

Either the worker or the employer can request that the form be completed. Noting the need for time to heal after a work-related injury or illness, the form should only be used when the worker is functionally able to return to some kind of work.

Who completes it?

The health professional (e.g., doctor, physiotherapist, or another licensed healthcare professional) who is treating the worker completes the form at the employer’s request or at the worker’s request. The health professional will provide the employer and/or the worker with the completed form. A copy will also be sent to the WSIB.

Can workplaces use their own form?

Employers who have forms specifically tailored to their workers and work environment may use their forms. Please note that, in this case, the employer must pay the health professional directly for completing the form. Health professionals who complete the WSIB’s FAF are paid a fee of $40. Employers’ forms should not request diagnostic or confidential information and should be limited to functional information.

Why you should use a FAF if you can:

While employers can technically use their own forms to figure out if an employee is ready to come back to work, we still highly recommend using an official FAF. This will ensure you are 100% compliant, reduce overall costs, and make for a smoother transition.

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Being WSIB compliant is no simple task. Thankfully there are plenty of resources available to you and your team. Our business prides itself on supporting you and your HR representatives every step of the way.

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